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Rapture Trolling Flies

STEELHEAD CONNECTION CUSTOM FLIES is now entering its eighteenth year of providing high quality custom trolling flies to discriminating fishermen. Our flies are custom tied in the United States and assembled within our family business. They are available primarily through select retail outlets and secondarily through our web site. 
We began, and continue the trolling fly venture under the watchful eye of dozens of charter captains. Our product has been tested under the most demanding market in the Great Lakes; the charter fishing industry. It is our goal to meet the standards of charter captains. This assures that the amateur weekend, or everyday fisherman will be completely satisfied with our product. 
® come ready to fish. You only need to cut the leader to your desired length and fasten it to the flasher or dodger according to your preference. Our flies are equipped with approximately 50 inches of 50 pound test Premium Clear Ande line. The standard hook is an Eagle Claw Lazer L375M nickel plate, 2x strong, size 1/0 treble. Our coho hook is an Eagle Claw Lazer L375M nickel plate 2x strong, size 1 treble.
STEELHEAD CONNECTION CUSTOM FLIES appreciates your business and wishes you many successful and safe fishing trips on the big water. We welcome your comments and questions. Good Fishing!