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Deep Sea Divers

What Makes the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver Unique?

  • A continuous ratcheting system to adjust side distance from the boat. Bottom screw never needs to be turned.
  • Welded ring has been replaced with a large Torpedo Snap Swivel, for easy change of leader lengths and storage.
  • Bottom screw has been replaced with a bolt that fits into a threaded insert molded into the diver. No longer is the diver subject to a screw stripping the threads rendering the diver useless.
  • An eyelet attached to the bottom of the diver accommodates attaching a Torpedo Diver.
  • Can run as a shallow or deep diver.
  • Depth charts provided for 2, 2.2, 2.5, and 3 mph.

Dive Down to 400 ft and beyond

Attaching a Torpedo Diver to the Deep Sea Diver changes the pitch and the force of the diver, creating an unprecedented method for deep fishing. Together with the Torpedo Diver Cuda (12 oz) the Torpedo Deep Sea Diver will reach depths of over 400ft.