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Fishing Report 7/17/15

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                                                           Fishing Report 7/17/15

Fishing continues to be good out of the port of Sheboygan. There remains two different bites a near shore bite and an offshore bite.

Near shore Bite

A mix bag of kings, rainbows and lakers are being caught in 40-100ft of water. Flashers and flies have been best on the kings early in the morning and late in the evening about half way down in the water column. Spoons in the top 30ft for rainbows and a smoke yeck dodger with a spin n glo near the bottom for the lake trout.

Best Tackle:

White Dragon Slayer Pro King Flasher/Novocaine Fly

Chrome Black Eyed Peas Stinger Flasher/Illumination Fly

Chrome Kitt Glow Stinger Flasher/Illumination Fly

Chrome Mountain Dew Spin Doctor/Novocaine Fly

Chrome UV Two Face Spin Doctor/Illumination

Papa UV Pro King Flasher/Doughboy Fly

Off Shore Bite

East and west trolling passes from 150ft of water to 300 foot of water has been best. The fish move around each day so some days one depth is better than another. 1, 2, 3, 5 color leadcores with spoons have been good for rainbows and lakers. Mono slide divers have also been productive with spoons.

Best Tackle:

UV Jagerbomb Stinger

UV Inmate Stinger

Green Wiggler Stinger

Jagerbomb Super Slim

DUV Watermelon Super Slim

Orange Sig Series Super Slim

Russell Yeck Dingle Series

Jagerbomb Yeck Dingle Series

Gold Fireball Yeck Dingle Series

UV Orange Dots Yeck Dingle Series