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Fishing Report 6/22/15 From Fathers Day Weekend

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Fathers Day weekend brought nice weather and good numbers of fish. King fishing is decent early in the AM and late in the evening in 80-120 ft of water. Flashers and flies have been doing the damage here on high braid divers targeted in the 40-50 down range and boards also targeted in that same section of the water column.

Hot Flasher Fly Combos:

Pro King RGV Chin Music Chrome/Novocaine Salmon Candy Fly

Pro King Blue Barracuda RGV Chrome/Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Pro King Papa UV/Novocaine Salmon Candy Fly

Michigan Stinger Chrome Kitt Glow/Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Michigan Stinger Burkes Valium/Mercy UV Salmon Candy Fly

Spin Doctor Chrome UV Crush Yellow Dot

Michigan Stinger SGH/Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Michigan Stinger Flop House/Addiction Salmon Candy Fly

Sunday morning the shallow water bite was tough and the Anglers Avenue boat headed out for a mid day run from 10:30-3:30 so we fished 260-300ft of water southeast of Sheboygan. There is good numbers of rainbow trout out there with a few lake trout to be had as well. We managed to boat 14 fish in that period of time. Basically all the action was in top 25ft as short leadcores 1,2,3 and 5 colors did the damage. Spoons were the best in these brands and colors....

Hot Spoons

Mini Sooperfly Double Orange Crush

Mini Sooperfly Mega Man

DW Super Slim Orange Sig

Michigan Stinger Jager Bomb Uv Standard

Michigan Stinger Inmate UV Standard

Pro King Orange Killer Pro Spoon

Pro King Orange Glo Pro Spoon

DW Gold Craigs Steehead

Yeck UV Orange Dots Dingle Series

Yeck Legend Dingle Series

Yeck Russell Dingle Series