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2017 Anglers Avenue Buyers Guide

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2017 Buyers Guide

Anglers Avenue


By: Russell Gahagan


The purpose of the buyers guide is to try and help fisherman all around the Great Lakes select some of the best producing tackle on the market. With the vast selection that not only Anglers Avenue has but also that is available on the web it can be very intimidating and very expensive to try and load up on gear. By no means does it guarantee that if a lure is in this guide it will it for sure be hot again this year but I tend to at least try to stick with products that have produced for more than 1 year. This guide is a great tool to use to strengthen your selection of products for the different species and types of fishing. Take a look and if you don’t have some of these visit www.anglersavenueproshop.com to get them!

Spring Brown Trout

When March rolls around and we start breaking the boats out of the garage and chasing springtime brown trout in recent years we are finding ourselves chasing them shallower and shallower. What was once a 15ft-25ft of water fishery turned into a 10ft-15ft of water fishery and now lots and lots of fisherman are having success in 5ft-10ft of water. This has changed our techniques slightly we now find ourselves fishing spoons a lot more with very small inline sinkers.

1/4oz to 1/2oz sizes are the most popular as the lighter you go the more line you can let out. With fishing so shallow stealth is important so I prefer 1/4oz chain sinkers with an 8ft leader of 20lb fluorocarbon to my spoon. I like to let out between 30ft-60ft behind the Off Shore planer board generally. We also enjoy a lot of success on the #00 slide divers. These smaller profile slide divers still feature the ability to put a long lead behind the boat but also allow for us to let more line out as they don’t dig as hard as the big slide divers.

Top Producing Brown Trout Spoons

Michigan Stinger NBK UV (silver blank)

Michigan Stinger Yellow Killer UV (silver blank)

Michigan Stinger Monkey Puke (copper blank)

Sooperfly Orange Crush Mini (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Mongoose (copper blank)

Michigan Stinger UV Perch (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger UV 2 Face (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Hud Special (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Watermelon UV (gold blank)

NEW Bay Rat S3 Crankbaits

In recent years we have gotten away from crankbaits as most have too deep of a dive curve for the 5ft-7ft of water. Bay Rat has come out with a new crankbait called the s3 that will only dive down to 3ft. I fully anticipate this bait to be a dominant product in the brown trout fishery all over the Great Lakes. With a somewhat limited color section so far the following colors are sure fires…

BT Candy

Filthy Pouch


Black Flash

We also have a few custom colors like cheap sunglasses and mixed veggie that I know will be hot!

Early Season Coho Action

Most of Wisconsin enjoyed epic coho fishing in 2016. It’s hard to tell if we will see anything like that again in 2017 but it sure was fun. Most set-ups were traditional orange 00 dodgers and peanut flies worked great but we caught a TON of fish on 6 inch spin doctors and peanut flies. Dreamweaver was sending order almost 3 times a week to try and keep up on the sales we saw on these 6 inch spinnies. The nice part is there was a few colors that were really working you didn’t have to get crazy with it.

Top 6 inch Spin Doctor Colors


Orange/Gold Lines

Orange/Orange Crush

Fire Red

Check out our great selection of Salmon Candy and Rapture peanut and coho flies.

Offshore Steelhead Action

Last year the Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan saw crazy good steelhead fishing for a good portion of the summer. Offshore planer boards with small inline weights or 1,2,3,5 colors of leadcore were all producing fish with spoons behind them. Slide divers continued to be a mainstay for steelhead fishing but downriggers down 30-50ft this season were good as well. Below is the top producing steelhead spoons of 2016 that you will be sure to want to make sure get in your tackle box for future seasons.

Top Producing Steelhead Spoons 2016

Moonshine Agent Orange RV

Dreamweaver DUV Sexy Veggie Super Slim

Sooperfly Orange Crush Standard

Sooperfly Mega Man Gold Standard

Dreamweaver DUV Jailbait Super Slim

Dreamweaver Magic Man Gold Super Slim

Stinger UV 2 Face Gold

Dreamweaver Orange Sig Series Super Slim

Dreamweaver Double Orange Crush Gold Super Slim

Dreamweaver Craigs Steelhead Super Slim

Dreamweaver Golden Orange Crush Icicle Super Slim

Stinger Gold Steelie Stomper

Stinger Orange Edge Blue UV Gold Blank

Stinger Jager Bomb UV Gold Blank

Stinger Inmate UV Gold Blank

Super Slims started to dominate

Wisconsin and especially Sheboygan steelhead fishing has been dominated by Michigan Stinger spoons the past 10 plus seasons. Stingers continued to be a dominant spoon last year and were still most guys top producer. I started playing with super slims last summer in July as they have a similar shape to a stinger but are heavier and I felt they may producer really well with a little chop on the water. I was extremely surprised on how well they caught steelhead and with a good assortment of colors it was easy to pick enough to get a good spread of them out. For most of the month of August I fished a lot of steelhead and boated more then a few hundred. Some days super slims would be better some days stingers would be better but I appreciated the fact to have another spoon in my arsenal to fish when putting out an entire steelhead program. If you haven’t fished super slims much I would recommend you add a few to your mix depending on your preferred speed and the conditions that day you may be surprised to add another model of spoon to your favorites list.

Summer Kings

The Wisconsin side of Lake Michigan enjoyed really good King Salmon fishing during the whole month of June and most of July. Early on flashers and flies dominated the spread as kings were being caught in 70-130ft of water. Michigan Stinger flashers and Pro King Flashers were the top choices for the month of June as many fishermen enjoyed big king salmon! There was a stretch in July where we had cold water and found ourselves fishing kings in 20-40ft of water with plugs and a few spoons. Silver Horde 4 inch and 5 inch plugs in the new uv series seemed to be the most consistent producers. Once late July and August came around kings became hard to catch. The water warmed up and the fish moved deep and the guys around that knew how to fishing a productive meat program enjoyed some of the biggest fish of the year. I had a trip in early August it was fun fishing during the afternoon we fished from 4-7pm and boated 4 kings of which all were over 20# and one was 26#. (Pictured above in the photo that I have the green shorts on) Diabolical Meat rigs behind 10 inch spin doctors and the new Pro-Troll Fish N Chips Blades were the answer. Below will be some of the top producing King Salmon tackle from 2016.

Top Flasher/Fly Combos

Stinger 8inch SGH/Salmon Candy Illumination Fly

Stinger 8inch Harvs Black Friday/Mercy UV Salmon Candy Fly

Pro-King RGV Chin Music 8inch/Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Pro-King RGV Blue Barracuda 8inch/Novocaine Salmon Candy

Stinger 8inch Megatron/ Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Stinger Mercy UV 8inch/Novocaine Salmon Candy Fly

Pro-King Snow White/Mercy UV Salmon Candy Fly

Pro-King Russell’s Super PK/Mercy UV Salmon Candy Fly

Meat Combos

White UV Black Dot 10 inch Spin Doctor/Black Magic Diabolical

White Two Face 10 inch Spin Doctor/Diabolical color Diabolical

Chrome UV Two Face 10 inch Spin Doctor/Illusion Diabolical

Kevin’s Girlfriend 10 inch Spin Doctor/Diabolical color Diabolical

White Glow Fish N Chips Blade/Snow Blind Diabolical

Green UV Fish N Chips Blade/Green Herring Diabolical

Super UV on UV Fish N Chips Blade/Illusion Diabolical

Lake Trout

As Anglers Avenue has done with basically all the other species we have invested time and money in designing custom products specially to help our customers catch more fish. In 2016 we launched a full series of Silver Horde custom painted trash can dodgers and WOW is all I can say. Not only did we sell a pile but they produced. Its one thing to sell new stuff we all love new stuff but when you get orders all summer and into the fall on an item that’s a must have item. At about the same time we launched a special relationship with Yakima Bait company and introduced in 2016 4 custom spin n glo colors. Two of the colors the Lucky Charm Glo and Chrome Lucky Charm, SOLD OUT last year by mid June. This year we have added two more new custom dodger colors and two more new custom spin n glo colors. Below is a list of the top selling custom dodgers and spin n glos.

Silver Horde Custom Painted Trash Cans

Green Skirt


Double Trouble Glow

Antifreeze Edge

Green Edge

Chart Edge

Green/Yellow Dots

*UV Green Skirt new 2017

*UV Lucky Charm White new 2017

Custom Yakima Spin N Glos

Lucky Charm Glo

Chrome Lucky Charm

Copper Confussion

Jager Bomb

*Wonderbread Glo new 2017

*Dreamsicile new 2017

Here Comes The DW Whirly Gig

In 2016 we started stocking Dreamweaver’s new product the Whirly Gig. It is there version of a lure to troll behind a dodger for lake trout. The whirl gig is made of plastic so it is slightly more durable then the spin n glo and offers a chamber that the water passes through which allows u to add scent if you would like. Early reviews by fisherman that used it were very favorable and we are currently working with Dreamweaver on some Anglers Avenue custom colors.