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2015 Buyers Guide

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We put together a buyers guide for our customers who are looking to purchase the best producing tackle on the market right now. After 1/3 or so of the 2015 season we have definitely seen some standout producers in the tackle department. This list includes the must haves don’t leave home without tackle. There will be more and different stuff that will become hot as the season progresses I am sure but we wanted to update you what’s best as of now.

2015 Buyers Guide

Flasher/Fly Combos

Pro King Chin Music RGV/Salmon Candy Illumination Fly

Pro Troll Chrome Green Scale/Salmon Candy Mercy UV Fly

Michigan Stinger SGH/Salmon Candy Illumination Fly

Pro King Blue Barracuda RGV/Salmon Candy Novocain Fly

Michigan Stinger Green Dolphin UV CI/Salmon Candy Doughboy Fly

Pro King Dragon Slayer/Illumination Salmon Candy Fly

Michigan Stinger Marv’s Big Fatty/Salmon Candy Addiction Fly

DW 11” Padddle White Double UV/Salmon Candy Novocain Fly

DW 11” Paddle Russell’s Super UV/Salmon Candy Addiction Fly

Pro King Snow White RGV/Salmon Candy Novocain Fly

Flasher/Meat Combos

DW Spin Doctor 10” White Black Dots UV/Big Weenie UV Death

DW Spin Doctor 10” Kevin’s Girlfriend/JJ’s Boyfriend

DW Spin Doctor 10” White Double UV/Michigan Stinger Illusion Rig

Michigan Stinger Black Raptor/Michigan Stinger Red Pepper Rig

DW Spin Doctor 10” Dragon Slayer/Michigan Stinger Illusion Rig

DW Spin Doctor 10” UV Super Frog/Michigan Stinger Comet Rig

Steelhead Spoons

DW Super Slim DUV Jager Bomb

DW Super Slim DUV Watermelon

Michigan Stinger UV Inmate

Michigan Stinger UV Jager Bomb

Yeck UV Orange Dots Dingle Series

Yeck Russell Dingle Series

DW Super Slim Magic Man Gold

Michigan Stinger Lemon Ice

Sooperfly Double Orange Crush Mini

Sooperfly Mega Man Standard

Pro King Pro Spoon Orange Killer

Pro King Pro Spoon Orange Glow