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2018 Buyers Guide


2018 Buyers Guide

Anglers Avenue Pro Shop


By: Russell Gahagan



The purpose of the buyers guide is to try and help fisherman all around the Great Lakes select some of the best producing tackle on the market. With the vast selection that not only Anglers Avenue has but also that is available on the web it can be very intimidating and very expensive to try and load up on gear. By no means does it guarantee that if a lure is in this guide it will it for sure be hot again this year but I tend to at least try to stick with products that have produced for more than 1 year. I also use this guide to introduce the new product that’s out and I expect to be great. This guide is a great tool to use to strengthen your selection of products for the different species and types of fishing. Take a look and if you don’t have some of these visit www.anglersavenueproshop.comto get them!



Spring Brown Trout

When the ice starts to melt each spring we find ourselves trying to break open the marinas and boat launches in attempt to chase big brown trout. The last few seasons spring brown trout action has been HOT! Days with 20-30 bites have not been that uncommon. 1/8oz, 1/4oz and 1/2oz inline weights with spoons behind them have dominated the game BUT not last year. Last year crankbaits became fashionable again and they were consistently coming back to the boat inside brown’s mouths. With the average depth of water being fished of 4-10ft you have to be very careful how far behind the boards you run these crankbaits or you will be buying many more. Another hot item not to forget about is the mini slide diver. (sd00) The mini slide diver allows you to get the bait a ways behind the boat and with the smaller surface area it wont dig as hard and deep as the standard size. Run this on a 4 setting. 



Top Producing Brown Trout Spoons

Michigan Stinger NBK UV (silver blank)

Michigan Stinger Sea Sick Waddler UV (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Inmate UV (gold back)

Michigan Stinger Monkey Puke (copper blank), (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Mongoose (copper blank)

Michigan Stinger Perch UV (gold blank), (copper blank)

Michigan Stinger UV Yellow Tux (gold blank), (copper blank)

Michigan Stinger Hud Special (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Black Plague UV (gold blank)

Michigan Stinger Orange UV Hud (gold blank)


Bayrats and Flicker Shad Crankbaits

Bay Rat SS or S3 BT Candy

Bay Rat SS or S3 Yankee Troller

Bay Rat SS or S3 Fire Tiger

Bay Rat SS or S3 Black Flash

Flicker Shad #7 Firetiger

Flicker Shad #7 Black Flash

Flicker Shad #7 Slick Chart Pearl

Flicker Shad #7 Purple Tiger


Watch for our new Custom SS Bay Rats in proven colors like UV Two Face, UV Jager Bomb and many more……


Early Season Coho Action

Lake Michigan has enjoyed back 2 back years of epic coho salmon fishing. They have migrated as far north as ever before allowing ports all over the lake to enjoy them. Coho salmon can be one of the easiest species to target with the right gear and down below we will help you get lined up.


Top 6 inch Spin Doctor Colors

Orange UV (Anglers Custom)


Orange/Gold Lines

Orange/Orange Crush

Red Fire Red



DW Z dodger or Coho dodger in orange and red are hot!

Look for the NEW UV Coho Dodger sooooo hoooottttt



Can’t forget the old faithful stand by Luhr Jensen 00 Fire Red


Coho flies are like women’s shoes you need a “few” different colors

Top coho fly colors

Salmon Candy Mardi Gras

Salmon Candy Green/Gold

Rapture Slider Shrimp

Rapture Slider Holo Black Mirage

Rapture Slider Glacier UV

Rapture Slider Holo Mirage Purple

Salmon Candy Novociane

Salmon Candy Doughboy

Salmon Candy Teal Mirage


Summer Offshore Steelhead

During the dog days of summer offshore steelhead play a huge factor into our full coolers. Steelhead are my second favorite fish on the great lakes to catch. Their acrobatic jumps along with they’re tendency to hang in tight schools make them a blast to target! We have our best success using small keel sinkers in ¼-1/2 oz sizes on planer boards with spoons and or short leadcores 1,2,3 and colors. Slide divers in the standard size 1 on a 4 setting are “fire in the hole” with steelhead. Leads of 30-75ft behind the diver with a spoon produces like novocaine. Give it time it always works. On choppy days inside divers like the Dreamweaver 107MM on a 1.5 setting out 40-75ft can be hot as well. There are a few spoon brands that stand out when fishing for steelhead like Michigan stingers, DW Super Slims, Yeck Dingle series, Pro King pro spoon and Sooperfly. Here is our list of best producers but there are a ton that could make this list so these are sure fire winners. 


Top Steelhead Spoons

UV Jager Bomb gold blank Stinger

UV Inmate gold blank Stinger

Steelie stomper gold blank Stinger

Jailbait DUV Super Slim

Sexy Veggie DUV Super Slim

Orange Leopard DUV Super Slim

Goldie Locks Super Slim

Craigs Steelie Bait Gold Super Slim

Golden Orange Crush Icicle Super Slim

Fireball Gold Dingle Series Yeck

Double Orange Crush Gold Dingle Series

Magic Man Gold or Silver Blank Stinger

Orange Edge Blue UV Gold Blank Stinger

UV Mandarian Silver Stinger

Orange UV Hud Gold Blank

Confused UV Gold Blank Stinger

The Medic Pro Spoon

Orange Glo Pro Spoon

NBK Pro Spoon

Smoothie Pro Spoon

Orange NBK Pro Spoon 

Magic Man Sooperfly

Double Orange Crush Sooperfly 

Orange Crush Sooperfly

Gold Hud Sooperfly


This list seems long but you run 9-15 spoons at a time for steelhead offshore lots of rods up high spread out so get the right ones!



Summer King Flasher and Flies

During the summer thousands and thousands of kings get harvested on Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario on flasher/fly combos then any of us could imagine. Anglers Avenue is proud to be a part of innovating a huge amount of the colors fisherman buy in tackle stores all over the Great Lakes. Colors that started here as our customs now live on shelves everywhere around Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario. We will share a list of hot ones remember this list isn’t the only ones that work just solid colors that we know you will catch fish with. This is a hard thing to do and this list may seem big at 12.99-19.99 each but remember nothing wrong with picking up a few here and a few there. 


Flasher Colors

Michigan Stinger PC8 Chrome Kryptonite UV

Michigan Stinger PC8 Chrome Megatron UV

Spin Doctor 8” Chrome Megatron UV

Spin Doctor 8” Chrome Kryptonite UV

Spin Doctor 8” Lances UV 2 Face

Michigan Stinger PC8 Lances UV 2 Face

Michigan Stinger PC8 Russell’s Valium

Michigan Stinger PC8 Wannabe

Pro King RGV Chin Music

Pro King RGV Blue Barracuda

Pro King Dragon Slayer 

Michigan Stinger Chrome Brads Girlfriend

Michigan Stinger SGH

Spin Doctor 8” Russell’s Valium

Michigan Stinger 8” UV Mercy

Spin Doctor 8” Chrome Black UV

Michigan Stinger PC8 UV Black Eyed Peas Chrome

Michigan Stinger PC8 Lucky Charm UV ‘

Spin Doctor 8” Lucky Charm UV

Spin Doctor 8” Two face

Spin Doctor 8” Chrome UV Two Face

Pro King Russell’s Super PK

Pro King Mountain Dew Scumline


New Colors You Wont Want To Miss

Spin Doctor 8” UV Chin Music

Spin Doctor 8” UV AA Live Wire

Spin Doctor 8” UV AA Showtime

Spin Doctor 8” UV AA Hammertime

Michigan Stinger Matts Mercy UV

Michigan Stinger UV Live Wire

Michigan Stinger UV Hammertime

Michigan Stinger UV Chrome Hammertime







Salmon Flies

Atommik Stud UV

Atommik Stud Glow

Salmon Candy Mercy UV

Salmon Candy Illumination UV

Salmon Candy Novocaine 

Salmon Candy Owee Green

Rapture UV Spectrum Hyponotist

Rapture Oceana 

Atommik Pro Am UV

Atommik Big Fin 

Atokmmik Kevins Secret UV

Rapture Genie

Rapture First Wish

Atommik Crinkle Green UV

Rapture Glacier UV


Flasher Meat Rigs

As the kings remain big in both Lake Michigan and Lake Ontario meat rigs are a big factor when it comes to catching the biggest of the bigs! Our store carries multiple brands of meat rigs but the sales are driven by two main sources Diabolical and Atommik. The reason being both of these brands come rigged with quality components fluorocarbon leader line and a high-quality hook. Also keep ion mind we do stock bulk heads from rhys davis, john king and the NEW Diabolical meat head. Pair these up with Rapture teaser flies and you have the hottest do your own meat rigs on the market. The guys that rig their own love these components and so will you. We sell a ton of 10 inch spin doctors to guys fishing meat for kings so we will display a selection of those down below but we will also add our best fish shaped meat blades like the Pro Troll Fish N Chips and the Oki Kingfisher. 


Top Meat Rigs
Diabolical Green Hearing


Atommik Stud UV

Atommik Stud Glow

Atommik Froggy Glow

Atommik White Double Gkow

Atommik Homocide

Diabolical Black Magic

Atommik UV Grinch

Atommik UV Mean Street


Diabolical New Head= New Must Have Meat Rig Colors 

Diabolical Electric Funeral

Diabolical Love Muscle Magic

Diabolical Green Dolphin

Diabolical Blue Dolphin

Diabolical Highway Man


Diabolical’s New Head May Be a Game Changer Try It For Yourself Check out all the colors in our bulk head section






Meat Rig Flashers


Oki Kingfisher White Casper

Pro Troll Fish N Chips Super UV Green

Pro Troll Fish N Chips White Glo

Oki Kingfisher Green Casper

Spin Doctor 10” Kevins Girlfriend

Spin Doctor 10” Chrome Kryptonite

Spin Doctor 10” Chrome Megatron

Spin Doctor 10” Two Face

Spin Doctor 10” Chrome UV Two Face

Spin Doctor 10” Chrome Black UV

Spin Doctor 10” UV Super Frog

Pro Troll Fish N Chips Green Glow

Don’t Forget About Our New 2018 Custom Colors In Spin Doctors These Will Be Hot and Hard To Get Come Summer!




Anglers Avenue Changes the Game Again With Custom Painted Oki Kingfishers

We have a huge assortment of custom painted Oki Kinghfishers and with the limited colors that are made in stock patterns these have been deadly news to big King Salmon! Get in on these while there available. 






Pro-Troll/Michigan Stinger PC11 Flasher Took Lake O By Storm They are also the hottest blade on The West Coast 

Anglers Avenue has limited stock and these blades are HOT with meat rigs! They are always in high demand and very very hard to get so stock up when u see them available on our site. 





Top Salmon Spoons

Moonshine RV Wonderbread Standard and Mag

Moonshine RV Green Jeans Standard and Mag

Pro King Magic Man Standard and Mag

Dreamweaver Kimbo Super Slim

Moonshine RV Flounder Pounder Standard and Mag

Moonshine RV Carbon 14 Standard and Mag

Moonshine RV Cyclonite Standard and Mag

Moonshine RV Two Face Standard and Mag 

Moonshine RV Raspberry Carbon Standard and Mag



NEW 2018 Colors and Patterns Don’t Miss Out on These

New Michigan Stinger Spoon Patterns





New 2018 Moonshine Patterns Are In



New AA Custom Spin Doctor Colors In Stock


Well I hope everyone enjoys the 2018 Buyers Guide and puts this info to good use. I spent hours and hours developing this guide with the thought processes that if it helps a few fisherman catch more fish in 2018 it was worth every minute. This guide is a great starting point to gearing up for the quickly approaching 2018 season which I expect to be epic big fish on Lake Michigan and epic King fishing on Lake Ontario. If you have any questions regarding this guide feel free to call me at (920) 395-2079 or email me at russell@anglersavenue.net

Russell Gahagan